Guides do dishes Galbijjim

Jjim Galbi is a famous stew cooked with Korean galbi, usually beef short rib pieces and eating appropriate project team at the restaurant or at home. It is usually served as a main dish, but leftovers or small cuttings can be used as a side dish. During preparation, excess fat is removed from the ribs by cutting and removal after boiling briefly. Soy sauce, sesame oil, green onion, minced garlic, pepper, ginger and sugar water are mixed together with ribs and slowly be security in a large pot heat from medium to low heat for beef when cooked more tender and juicy.
When meat is about nine, jujube, gingko nuts, carrots, and / or pine nuts are added and boiled again. Shitake mushrooms and chestnuts, and can be added to nearly nine times to create more flavor to this dish. Galbijjim frequently kept in a traditional bowl with a lid, rather than stored in the disk.